Glen E Friedman

Glen E  Friedman

Glen E Friedman

The definitive monograph of Glen E. Friedman, a pioneer of revolutionary skateboarding, punk, and hip hop photography, including never-before-published work collected over thirty-five years. Think of an iconic image of Run DMC, Black Flag, Beastie Boys, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, Bad Brains, Ice-T, or skateboarders Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and many others, and it's certain that image was created by Glen E. Friedman. Twenty years after independently publishing--and selling via word-of-mouth--the cult title Fuck You Heroes, the artist has created Glen E. Friedman: My Rules. This book captures the early days of three powerhouse countercultures--skateboarding, punk, and hip hop--and the people who became the faces of those influential movements.

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